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Are you in the search for a reliable and highly exclusive escort service in Pakistan? Then look no further; you have definitely come to the right place. At Escort Service Pakistan, we have a wide array of famous female model escorts who currently live in Pakistan and we make them readily available to you for your pleasure. We have charming and sexy Pakistani indigenous escorts who are always ready to mingle, all you need to do is simply browse our online gallery to select a beauty that meets your requirements and which tickles your fancy. They want to hook up with you and shower you with all the passion that you can handle. Our escorts are extremely beautiful and are blessed with incredibly svelte and glamorously tanned body figures and this will help them to give you the feel of having a real life celebrity in your arms.

We understand the fact that our customers will like that fantasy and we have been able to structure our escort service in such a way that we will be able to provide just that. Our Pakistani escorts are also available for various flings such as overnight dating, whole weekend services, taking trips with you out of the city, special occasions (such as family functions, weddings, etc), business meetings (including formal dinners, holiday parties), night parties, and much more. In order to develop a truly exclusive and deserving escort service, we have also been able to develop and provide elite class true VIP escorts. These are females who are well trained and who have true knowledge of how to spend time and comport themselves in a high-class party. You can rest assured that they will represent you (and by extension, we as well) in a dignified and civilized manner. Our professional escorts are also well versed in how to turn on their clients and how to combine various erotic measures in order to provide you with nothing short of optimum pleasure while in the bed. We can also provide you with a wide variety of famous models who have been able to acquire valuable experience through working in different TV commercials, Dramas, and fashion shows. When it comes to delivering elite escorts services in Pakistan, then you can rest assured that our escorts agency is your ultimate and optimum choice.

Impressed yet? Then what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and feel free to contact us for booking. From there, sit back, relax, and we will select a stunning beauty for you to spend and create memorable moments with. It will definitely be worth your while.

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Escorts Service Pakistan is one of the foremost and premier escort services in the whole of Pakistan. We have been in the business of providing escort services to various clients (both locally and internationally) for the past 8 years and we have an illustrious track record that attests to our efficiency and the ability of our escort girls to do their job and provide heights of pleasure that only a few people ever get to experience in their lifetime. We understand the fact that standard matters a great deal and we are also aware of the importance of quality service delivery and that is why we make sure to always select elite class female escort models for our ever-increasing clientele. Our escort girls have been adequately trained and as such, they know just how to behave, how to talk, how to dress and how to satisfy you perfectly while in the bed. All escorts that are currently under our service have been carefully chosen for this website after a deep analysis of their beauty and body figures and based on a few other criteria in order to ensure that we get nothing but the best for you. We make sure to only put skilled escorts on this website. These are escorts who have the skills, endowments, and ability to provide you with nothing short of the best escort services. Our aim is to provide Pakistani escort services that you will not be able to find anywhere else. While selecting the escorts, we also take great care to check them in terms of good hygiene and behavioral comportment and composure. We have gorgeous girls on call in Pakistan, and they are always available for you to meet and fulfill all your long-standing desires and lusts. We understand that when engaging in escorts services, clients usually expect something more than a mere sexual and bodily experience. Rather, their desires exceed more than that. This is part of what we make sure that our professional escorts already know. It makes them better prepared to serve you well and to fulfill all you want.


Are you looking to have some fun and you need someone to do that with? Do you need a beautiful outlet for you to ease some of the stress that you’re currently facing? Are you getting bored with the monotony and repetition that comes with your busy routine? Have you broken up with your girlfriend and you need someone to bounce back with? Are you in a relationship and you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting from your wife or girlfriend? Are you feeling lonely and you need someone to show you some love? Do you want to try out a new sexual partner (and by extension, get a fresh sexual experience and perspective)? Are you new to the concept of sex and you’ll like to get some very valuable sexual experience? Do you want to celebrate a milestone in your Life and you like to rejoice it in the best way possible?

If any of the aforementioned scenarios best explains what you are going through, then feel free to contact us immediately. We will be sure to arrange a meeting between you and any of our naughty angels. You can be sure that when you do, you will pass some unforgettable and sweet moments with them.

Escorts Agency of Pakistan

At Escorts Service Pakistan, we are an exclusive and highly prestigious escort service agency. We guarantee the excellence and uniqueness of our Pakistan escorts service. If you need the company of luscious women who can arouse, satisfy, and gratify you then we offer exclusive access to the best Escorts in Pakistan. Our escorts are not only modern and immensely beautiful but are also well trained in the art of pleasuring men and making their deepest desires come to manifestation. All in all, you can rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned in their bid to provide you with the time of your life.

If what you want is a wonderful time with a drop-dead beauty who will be able to ease off some of the tension that you are feeling, then our girls at Escort Service Pakistan are fully and readily at your disposal. You will definitely forget all your worries with just in one meeting and have a good time ever indeed.

Be prepared to have the experience of a lifetime; one you will definitely never forget for as long as you live!

Pakistani Escorts

Our Pakistani escorts are most generous with their sensuality and they are very much willing to provide you what you are dreaming for a private date.

We make sure to teach our girls the importance of privacy, and they dispense their services with the highest levels of discretion. However, their training on privacy is just one among the many things that we teach them. They are rigorously trained and are well versed in various arts of pleasure. Their skills and level of expertise are unparalleled in the industry.

You can rest assured that the training received our escorts, coupled with the experience that they’ve gotten from previous gigs and sufficient skills, will see to the fact that they will make adequate companions for whatever event you want them for. We make sure to pick highly intelligent, incredibly fashionable, and classy ladies who are hospitable and very welcoming. You won’t have a single dull moment with any of our escorts. You’ll love them and you’ll never want to leave their side after that one fateful date.

Elite Escorts Service Standard

At Escorts Service Pakistan, we have specific criteria and standards with which we judge and vet our girls. These standards are responsible for us being head and shoulders above other Pakistan escort services and in order to maintain that prestige and position, we only pick girls who are able to keep up with these standards. We have high regard for each and every one of our clients and that is why we want our girls to always leave a lasting impression that will forever linger in your memory. Our escorts are highly beautiful, and you can count on them to deliver high levels of allure and sex appeal. Our girls are highly charismatic, and they know just how to bring life to any scene. They are witty, smart, and very observant. They are the perfect companions for you and can accompany and represent you with refined and cultural prestige.

In a nutshell, if you order the services of one of our girls at Escorts Service Pakistan, you are taking a major step in ensuring a good and rewarding time, regardless of where you’re going.



At Escorts Service Pakistan, we are endowed with some of the most beautiful, friendly, and elegant escorts who are capable of providing you with the most wonderful sexual experience you will ever get. Our models are blessed with some of the sexiest figures and hot looks that you’ll ever see. When going for every date, we make sure that all girls come well dressed so as to just give some respect to you and the occasion. This also plays into your pleasure as they can undress while in front of you if that is what you’ll prefer.

At Escorts Service Pakistan, we can make each and every of your lusty dreams come true. You definitely don’t need to search anymore. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. We will be sure to immediately book an escort service that will serve all your basic pleasures.


We understand the fact that every female, whether a real-life girl or an escort, will definitely need privacy while in a sexual relationship for the best outcomes to result. It doesn’t matter whether you do stuff in a hotel, a private location or even in your office room. As a client, you definitely do not want to disclose the intimate details of your sexual relationship to the society. In the same vein as you, our well-known models will also like the highest levels of privacy and discretion when going on any and every date. You can book an escort service with us today for a private dating that will serve to fulfill all your intimate needs.


Our female escorts in Pakistan are very skilled and that sees to the fact that they know how well to perfectly satisfy their clients’ every need on the bed and bring his wildest desires to reality. If you treat them gently, then those naughty angles will be keen to seduce you and bring you heights of pleasure. Many people have the mindset that a prostitute/whore/hooker has no feelings. This is a great misconception and is very wrong. If you treat any of our escorts in a friendly and gentle manner, then she will be sure to make that rendezvous a more enjoyable experience for you.

Best Places for Private Dating in Pakistan

Below you can find safe and high standard hotels that you can use for private dating.

Lahore: Pearl Continental Hotel at Mall road, Avari Hotel at Mall road, Savoey Hotel in Gulberg, Hotel One at Mall road, Marvell Hotel in DHA and Hotel One in Gulberg.

Karachi: Ramada Plaza Karachi Airport Hotel, Karachi Marriott Hotel, Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi, Mövenpick Hotel Karachi, Avari Towers and Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course.

Islamabad: Islamabad Serena Hotel, Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Ramada Hotel and S Chalet Islamabad.



Why don’t you browse through our escort models in Pakistan and see for yourself? Go through our gallery and pick out any model of your choice. Regardless of what occasion or service you’ll like to hire one of our escorts, you can be sure that they won’t disappoint.

Our Pakistani escorts are capable of accompanying you to any event at all. All you need to do is contact us and order a quote today. We accommodate a wide array of requests, and we will be sure to develop a service that fits your personal requirements.

Feel free to pick an escort from any of our Pakistani Escorts today, and you can be sure that she will be able to cater for every taste that you have. Our girls are of various looks, sizes, and peculiarities. Whatever it is that you need, we’ve got.

Enough talk. Order an escort service today. You won’t be sorry.

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